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Our passion for innovation, combined with best-in-class technologies, allows us to design and develop solutions that will optimize your business operations while supporting revenue growth and reducing operation costs.


Our priority is empowering your organization with the best tools possible to successfully engage in your own unique business challenges. We combine leading edge technology and our extensive business knowledge to ensure that our technological solutions are adaptable and flexible to our clients’ cultural and technical infrastructure. Our business processes benefit the entire organization while assisting you to achieve your key strategic initiatives. At Corbus, we identify opportunities for cost savings, system optimization, and greater employee efficiency. We consistently provide on-time and accurate delivery of service.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) lets us connect different business processes and applications, and assign repetitive and routine tasks to “bots.” This allows you to refocus the time of your knowledgeable employees to more strategic business activities. RPA enables optimization of current and future service solutions for you, and brings efficiency into day-to-day operations. As an enabler of UiPath's Platform, we deploy software “bots” to deliver accurate business outcomes, stronger security, and advance compliance across complex processes while ensuring higher job satisfaction throughout your organization.


Are you migrating or upgrading to SharePoint or Office 365? Our Microsoft experts will ensure that your transition is smooth, pain-free, and completed within your anticipated timeframe.

Our innovative development engineers are experts in Microsoft’s .Net and SQL Server (including Server Reporting and Server Integration Services) software. With Microsoft tools, we create and develop dashboards specific to your business needs. For instance, dashboards that can:

  • Depict details of a sourcing request which includes the calculation of savings and turn-around time
  • Detail the vendors’ delivery schedule which includes vendor confirmation and feedback, which also generates an exception report for missed deadlines and deliveries
  • Track parts from order to delivery across multiple vendors
  • Allow individual Contract Administrators to track the specific parts that they manage and to show savings calculated across different vendors

Global Technological Languages

We speak Java, jQuery, SQL, Perl, Ajax, Python, R Programming, and many other programming languages. (We also speak French, German, Japanese, Hindi, Mandarin, and over a dozen other human languages.)

Packaging Artwork Management

Our partnership with Esko provides our global clients with a total solution to their Packaging Artwork Management (PAM) needs. Esko’s packaging management software further enables you to streamline packaging design activities from inception to final production. In addition, their software increases asset sharing across all digital platforms. Our expert system integrators and software architects can help train your staff, or we can create a software interface, ensuring your packaging team gets the most out of Esko’s packaging arsenal. We can smoothly implement Esko solutions with ERP and other back-end systems, providing the support you need to reduce your overall time to market.

Hootsuite and Sprinklr

The Hootsuite and Sprinklr platforms are dynamic and effectual tools that empower you to manage your social media conversations in a more advantageous manner. We are certified in both platforms.

Performance Enablers and System Connectors

We use the drag and drop technologies of Boomi (a programming language translator) and Nintex (SharePoint workflow) on the software platforms and dashboards that we build for you so your team works smarter, not harder.

E-Commerce Platforms

The Magento and Shopify platforms are agile, responsive, and customizable. We help you choose the platform that works best for your unique brand, while building an e-commerce site that will keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to ever changing industry/shopping trends.