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We serve a variety of industries and Fortune 50 clients who rely on our insight and seasoned expertise to overcome their individual challenges and transform their businesses.


Who We Serve

Read below for descriptions on the clients and industries we serve and what specific industry challenges we can help you overcome. Corbus can alleviate all of your night time worries. No more counting sheep!


We serve a luxury automotive manufacturer located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

What Keeps You Up At Night? Do you require low-cost sourcing solutions? What about program managers who understand environmentally sustainable impacts? Do you need automation assistance to optimize processes within your supply chain?

Corbus Can Help! Corbus is a leader in sourcing and supply chain optimization. We'll get your gears oiled and ready to roll.


We empower a Fortune 50 jet engine supplier located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What Keeps You Up At Night? Are you worried about managing and reducing the amount of suppliers you interact with? Do you require support to analyze and manage your tail end spend to achieve your full savings potential? Do you need program managers and industry experts to ensure quality and assurance processes are standardized and optimized? Is your team burdened by manual tasks, and you need RPA solutions?

Corbus Can Help! Corbus is here to help you overcome all these challenges and so much more...Let us prepare you for takeoff!

Consumer Packaged Goods

We enable a Fortune 50 CPG company located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What Keeps You Up At Night? Are consumers demanding more than ever before of your business? Are you having trouble keeping up with social media or digital marketing initiatives? Do you need to decrease packaging costs or media buying costs to offer your customers more while making a consistent profit?

Corbus Can Help! Corbus is growing and changing with the industry. We'll be sure to entice your consumers to the shelf!


We service a global entity that specializes in marine and industrial energy sources located in Saudi Arabia.

What Keeps You Up At Night? Does your supply chain need re-configuring to meet industry demands? Are you concerned about modernizing your workforce, standardizing processes/production, or managing projects and operations?

Corbus Can Help! Corbus’ in-depth expertise and our ability to stay up-to-date on industry best practices will optimize and sustain your energy initiatives. We are experts in program management and integration/re-configuration.


We consult with a large supermarket chain located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

What Keeps You Up At Night? Are you worried about an upcoming audit and need assistance? Are your process paths clogged? Do you need to implement new solutions to help automate your workflow? Are you looking for innovative digital strategies?

Corbus Can Help! Corbus can assist you with overcoming each retail challenge you face. Let us help you give your customers the best experience possible while optimizing process, reducing costs, and increasing your ROI.


We advise a multinational healthcare services company located in Moraine, Ohio.

What Keeps You Up At Night? Are you distressed about the ever-evolving technological advancements? Do you need automation and digital tools to further enable your healthcare solutions?

Corbus Can Help! Corbus can manage all your worries away by solving these problems for you. Focus on what you do best (saving lives) and we'll do the rest!

Oil & Gas

We assist a multi-national oil and gas company located in Gurgaon, India.

What Keeps You Up At Night? Are you struggling to forecast demand and supply? Do you need engineering experts and consultants to assist with risk mitigation?

Corbus Can Help! Corbus' Demand-To-Fulfillment professionals are able to do all this and more for you. Let's get your oil rigs ready to produce exponentially.


We engage with an international pharmaceutical company located in New York, New York.

What Keeps You Up At Night? Have you seen slowed market growth? What about decreased consumer spending? Are you having trouble catching up with the ever-evolving world of health technology?

Corbus Can Help! Corbus is evolving with the industry and keeping ahead of industry trends by providing digital solutions and automating manual tasks. We'll satisfy your consumers while putting money back in your pocket.

Client Testimonials

Case Studies

We removed the complexity from this client’s programmatic media campaigns, reducing unnecessary emails by 90%.


Discover how Corbus helped increase productivity by 35% for this oil and gas equipment manufacturer.

Oil & Gas

We launched websites and apps introducing this client’s products to 39 locations, bringing $500M in additional sales.


​We helped this Fortune 50 CPG exceed their 30K teen users target for their social media application.


​We redesigned the procure-to-pay process, increasing invoice productivity by 200% for this global energy leader.

Oil & Gas

We focused on non-core, centralized, indirect procurement for a reduction in the number of suppliers and overhead costs.

​We saved this Fortune 50 global leader 18% on spend in the first year, while achieving customer satisfaction.


​We achieved 38% in savings and a high client rating for this Fortune 50 global leader in consumer packaged goods.


​We improved vendor setup and turnaround by 30% for this Fortune 500 multinational telecommunications company.


​We increased purchase order output from 54% to 99% for this global pharmaceutical company.


We improved speed-to-market by 20% and found 30% cost savings in production budgets for this Fortune 50 company.


​We increased client savings and user productivity for this Fortune 500 food and beverage manufacturer.

Food & Beverage

We generated up to 10% savings by reducing internal costs for this European chemical manufacturer.

​We optimized this manufacturer’s short term sourcing creating a 20% annual savings.

We deployed effective crisis management techniques and advised on how to generate social media posts for this U.S. company.

Oil & Gas

We organized plant visits that delivered cost savings of 60% for a Fortune 50 CPG client.


We improved inventory accuracy to 98% and gained additional warehouse space for this oil and gas equipment manufacturer.

Oil & Gas

We improved organization and efficiencies, resulting in a resource usage decrease of 60% for this Fortune 50 CPG.


We maximized spend management with strategic tactics increasing visibility and refocusing resources for this oil and gas client.

Oil & Gas

We reduced project timelines by revitalizing and restructuring the technical vendor process for a Fortune 50 client.


 We helped a Fortune 50 food and beverage client increase on-budget projects, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction.

Food & Beverage

We efficiently managed procurement for a global drilling technology leader, reducing product cost up to 10%.

Oil & Gas

 We delivered >15% cost savings by reducing dependencies on the original equipment manufacturer for a Fortune 50 CPG.


We improved our client’s supply chain by introducing global suppliers, delivering cost reduction up to 10%.


We implemented strategies and templates that delivered reports to a Fortune 50 client up to 300% faster.


We created a centralized procurement center to increase production volume to 120K transactions per year for a Fortune 500 client.