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Roughly 20% of all operating costs are consumed by inefficient business operations.

We identify innovative solutions that will streamline your business operations and deliver successful projects.


The Corbus Advantage

Project cost savings of up to 30%

Improved delivery timeframes of up to 20%

Significantly reduced project failure rates

Reduced artwork budgets by as much as 20%

Improved design managers productivity by 60%

Increased marketing team's productivity by 15%

We have a long and successful history of providing Business Process Management services to a variety of Fortune 50 clients. We will improve your processes and systems by providing best practices, highly skilled project management resources, and innovative technology to complete the project. With our extensive experience in working across multiple functional areas (packaging artwork management, digital marketing, advertising, e-commerce, digital marketing, social media services), we can deliver superior and cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Packaging and Artwork Management

Utilizing best in class practices, and leading design software systems, we provide cost effective solutions to enable our global clients to reduce developmental costs and increase speed to market. We accomplish this by managing and advancing our client’s critical packaging artwork initiatives by providing them with design experts, program/project managers, and software architects to enhance their current processes and ensure compliance.



We can help improve your marketing spend with optimization through strategy and efficiency at the marketing process/buying level. Our solutions include strategic consulting, process design, operational services, and digital consulting. We’re specialists in social media, behavioral advertising, e-commerce, digital marketing technology, and other digital marketing activities.


Data Analytics

We design dashboards that help you check, validate, and compare data. Our dashboards provide accurate, up-to-date information on business performance, customer preferences, industry trends, competitor analysis and any other required data points allowing you to make a more informed decision. Our data governance protocols ensure that the data is correct, available, usable, and secure for the enterprise.


Enterprise Project Management

Our skilled project managers are PMI-certified and will ultimately enhance your project delivery and management teams across a variety of functional areas.


Business Process Automation

Our Business Process Automation tools will allow you to refocus the time of your knowledgeable employees to more strategic business activities and ensures higher job satisfaction throughout your organization.

Workflow Automation

We design, execute, and automate workflows to increase speed and reduce costs, while improving quality and accountability. Using leading software tools, we can create and implement business rules that optimize human and system integration.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation, RPA, lets us connect different business processes and applications, and assign repetitive and routine tasks to software robots, or “bots.” By automating a transactional task using a bot, we can deliver accurate business outcomes, stronger security, and advance compliance across complex processes.

Business Process Management Case Studies

We removed the complexity from this client’s programmatic media campaigns, reducing unnecessary emails by 90%.

Business Process Management

We launched websites and apps introducing this client’s products to 39 locations, bringing $500M in additional sales.

Business Process Management

​We helped this Fortune 50 CPG exceed their 30K teen users target for their social media application.

Business Process Management

We improved speed-to-market by 20% and found 30% cost savings in production budgets for this Fortune 50 company.

Business Process Management

​We increased client savings and user productivity for this Fortune 500 food and beverage manufacturer.

Business Process Management

We deployed effective crisis management techniques and advised on how to generate social media posts for this U.S. company.

Business Process Management

We reduced project timelines by revitalizing and restructuring the technical vendor process for a Fortune 50 client.

Business Process Management

 We helped a Fortune 50 food and beverage client increase on-budget projects, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction.

Business Process Management

We implemented strategies and templates that delivered reports to a Fortune 50 client up to 300% faster.

Business Process Management