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Inefficiencies in your Supply Chain can increase your operating costs by up to 15%.

Our Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Solutions are tailored to your unique needs to help drive cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved compliance.


The Corbus Advantage

3% to 6% annual cost deflation

60% decrease in vendor base

40% increase in on-time delivery

20% reduction in cycle time

70% reduction in period of supply

15% to 20% increase in operational efficiencies

We’ve been providing Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Solutions to Fortune 500 companies for over 24 years. With our multi-shore delivery model, Six Sigma processes, and extensive category knowledge (at a local, regional, and global scale), we can drive significant cost reductions across your spend.


Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Our best-in-class processes help you reduce costs and drive efficiency across both your direct and indirect spends. Our solutions boost profits through savings in product and operational costs, while improving speed and efficiency to give you a whole new level of operational transparency and control.


Procurement Solutions

Our customized, end-to-end procurement solutions boost speed, accuracy, and efficiency throughout your transactional operations. With our global footprint, we can effectively manage processes for requisition, delivery, invoicing, transaction, and order to cash across multiple regions.


Technology Enablement

Now is the time to optimize and automate your business activities. Our Technology Enablement tools encompass leading edge technology and our extensive business knowledge, adapted to your cultural and technical infrastructure. We drive efficiency, productivity, and cost savings throughout your organization with rapid speed.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation, RPA, lets us connect different business processes and applications, and assign repetitive and routine tasks to software robots, or “bots.” This allows you to refocus the time of your knowledgeable employees to more strategic business activities.

Corbus Supplier Portal

A tracking interface that bridges between the vendor, the buyer, and the client allowing real time views of delivery status within a role-based security model.

Spot Buy Tracker

An easy-to-use tracker that monitors specialized, one-time buys and includes turn-around time, savings calculations, with detailed metrics.

Digitally Managed Scorecard

A versatile sourcing tracker that offers real time and historic information on sourcing request transactions (status/savings/spend) within a role-based security model.

Supply Chain Management Case Studies

Discover how Corbus helped increase productivity by 35% for this oil and gas equipment manufacturer.

Supply Chain Management

​We redesigned the procure-to-pay process, increasing invoice productivity by 200% for this global energy leader.

Supply Chain Management

We focused on non-core, centralized, indirect procurement for a reduction in the number of suppliers and overhead costs.

Supply Chain Management

​We saved this Fortune 50 global leader 18% on spend in the first year, while achieving customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Management

​We achieved 38% in savings and a high client rating for this Fortune 50 global leader in consumer packaged goods.

Supply Chain Management

​We improved vendor setup and turnaround by 30% for this Fortune 500 multinational telecommunications company.

Supply Chain Management

​We increased purchase order output from 54% to 99% for this global pharmaceutical company.

Supply Chain Management

We generated up to 10% savings by reducing internal costs for this European chemical manufacturer.

Supply Chain Management

​We optimized this manufacturer’s short term sourcing creating a 20% annual savings.

Supply Chain Management

We organize plant visits that delivered cost savings of 60% for a Fortune 50 CPG client.

Supply Chain Management

We improved inventory accuracy to 98% and gained additional warehouse space for this oil and gas equipment manufacturer.

Supply Chain Management

We improved organization and efficiencies, resulting in a resource usage decrease of 60% for this Fortune 50 CPG.

Supply Chain Management

We maximized spend management with strategic tactics increasing visibility and refocusing resources for this oil and gas client.

Supply Chain Management

We efficiently managed procurement for a global drilling technology leader, reducing product cost up to 10%.

Supply Chain Management

 We delivered >15% cost savings by reducing dependencies on the original equipment manufacturer for a Fortune 50 CPG.

Supply Chain Management

We improved our client’s supply chain by introducing global suppliers, delivering cost reduction up to 10%.

Supply Chain Management

We created a centralized procurement center to increase production volume to 120K transactions per year for a Fortune 500 client.

Supply Chain Management