Sourcing and Procurement

Learn how Corbus’ Sourcing and Procurement services can optimize your supply chain.

Procurement includes the range and process of activities: sourcing, purchasing, negotiating, acquisition, risk management and sustainability. Sourcing is the part of procurement that deals with pricing, supplier selection and their management.

From our experience of more than two decades in this domain, the challenges encountered by a company’s procurement department, in controlling sourcing and procurement include:

  • High operational costs
  • Difficult growth management
  • PO backlogs
  • Quality issues
  • Various processes used across regions/geographies
  • Inconsistent compliance to processes and procedures
  • Poor customer service and unpredictable results
  • Need to support a variety of languages
  • Lack of PO automation causing greater error and longer turn-around times

The Corbus Advantage

By utilizing our Sourcing and Procurement services, our clients optimize their supply chain and realize the following benefits:

  • Around 20% increase in productivity
  • Operational cost savings of up to 40%
  • Product cost deflation of 6-10%
  • Experienced global resources with right language capabilities
  • Deep, established relationships with suppliers
  • Improved operational transparency and control
  • Process optimization through tools and technology
  • Improved analytics
  • Metrics-based, standardized reporting
  • Consistent Procedures and service levels
  • Consulting, data analytics & research

Sourcing and Procurement Services

Our full-service Sourcing and Procurement team offers end-to-end procurement services to meet each client’s specific needs.  We are experienced in a variety of procurement functions and manage numerous procurement categories. Our procurement teams leverage our long standing partnership with a number of procurement tools and technology providers to optimize the procurement process.

Sourcing and Procurement pyramid

  • Master data management
  • Demand management and forecasting
  • Catalog management
  • Contract administration
  • Delivery management
  • Global fulfillment
  • Direct and indirect materials procurement
  • Product quality engineering
  • Product returns
  • Value engineering
  • Logistics
  • Program management
  • Vendor management
  • Procurement system administration and maintenance
  • Procurement helpdesk support

The Corbus Difference

  • Platform agnostic, helping our client select the best platform for their requirements
  • Over 20 years of experience working with top global Fortune 500 clients
  • Global footprint with resources experienced in working across regions and geographies
  • Multiple pricing models to provide cost-effective solutions based on the clients requirements

Contact Corbus ( or 888-608-9975) to improve your sourcing and procurement processes.