Social Media Marketing Services

Our Social Media team will analyze your marketing goals and implement social media marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

Many companies realize that social media is important. However, many also find that day-to-day management leaves little time for strategy, security reviews, emergency plans and overall governance. These vital efforts ensure that your company or brand is protected and can operate on social media to the best of its ability. From platform vetting to strategy and best practices, we can assist you in building and strengthening your social media program.

The Corbus Advantage

Corbus optimizes social media marketing efforts by improving efficiency, reducing social media application costs, and improving speed-to-market. Our solutions make social media work for you, from ensuring that our customer development vendors work as efficiently as possible to communicating directly with consumers. Our Social Media Marketing services for our Fortune 50 CPG and retail clients have reduced costs over 50% and cut delivery times by as much as 75%.

Social Media Marketing Services

Understanding how to use social media effectively is key to today’s marketing efforts. This understanding is of the utmost importance for industries that provide products and services to consumers. Corbus’ Social Media Marketing solutions include:

  • Social Media Strategy Consulting
  • Social Media Audit and Landscape Assessment
  • Social Media Best Practices and Benchmarking Report (Monthly or Quarterly)
  • Social Governance and Operations Services
  • Social Crisis Planning (Social 911)
  • Social Media Security Audit
  • Social Platform Vetting, Configuration, And Operations

Corbus conducts a yearly assessment of major social media platform vendors and maintains certification and partnerships with a number of solutions for different sized organizations.

The Corbus Difference

  • Clientele: We are trusted by the largest CPG companies to manage their social media operations
  • Expertise: Our staff includes experienced coordinators that understand social media marketing processes and requirements
  • ROI: We provide an effective solution that gives time back to sales, marketing, legal, and others while retaining high quality
  • Simplicity: Our resources help reduce complexity by providing a single point of contact and accountability

Contact Corbus ( or 888-608-9975) for a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that will improve the performance of your marketing team.