Relationship Marketing

Understanding customer needs, demographics, and behavior helps cultivate a one-to-one relationship and build customer engagement. You need the right tools.

Relationship Marketing focuses on building a long-term relationship with the customer. It has been proven many times and in many industries that loyal customers buy more products and services and return a higher return on marketing spend. Building a relationship with the customer requires an understanding of their needs, demographics and behavior and cultivating a one-to-one relationship using a cadre of marketing tools that build customer engagement.

The Corbus Advantage

Corbus provides a comprehensive set of services intended on building customer relationships through the execution of marketing campaign, word-of-mouth marketing and customer measurement. Our key services cover digital application development, operations and relationship marketing execution. Core competencies include:


  • Campaign Management
  • Word-of-mouth Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Program Management


Relationship Marketing Services

Campaign Management: Corbus provides campaign management services which comprise the planning, executing, tracking and analysis of digital marketing campaigns. This includes managing the campaign across the web, email, mobile and social media. Campaign management has helped our clients introduce new products, understand customer needs, focus marketing messages, and build long-term customer relationships. We have a tremendous amount of experience executing email campaigns, conducting online surveys, or managing online focus groups.

Social Media Management: Corbus provides social media management which includes community management, development and operations governance and crisis communication plans. Additionally, we can consult with brands on strategic marketing and competitive analysis. With our set of social media services, our customers or brands can employ a holistic plan for consumer-facing messages and internal initiatives within the context of popular networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ Pinterest and more.

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOM): “Connectors” are people who seem to know, talk to and are credible with “everyone”. Corbus provides specialized services that allow clients to leverage word of mouth marketing techniques such as WOM Advocacy Models, disruptive messaging, and the power of social networks to accelerate the product adoption curve. We help clients identify “Connectors” and segment our programs to leverage the power of WOM.

Digital Program Management: Our services include project management focused on digital projects and on-going digital operations. Our Digital PMs understand the functions required for managing our customers’ digital presence, and apply sound project management practices to deliver projects on time and budget while minimizing risks. Selected activities include: managing digital projects including coordinating creative and technical agencies, ensuring privacy and security standards are met, managing execution of email marketing campaigns, managing digital marketing performance analysis and reporting, coordinating with search experts to ensure sites meet SEO requirements, coordinating e-couponing and e-retailing efforts, and ensuring all digital projects are delivered on time and within budget

The Corbus Difference

Segmentation Scoring: Corbus has developed expertise and tools for targeting specific segments. This process of Segmentation Scoring allows us to target campaigns to specific groups or even individuals based on demographic, geographic, psychographic or behavioral factors. Our solution includes a robust Content Management System (CMS) for targeting emails, web content, mobile messaging, and social media to selected segments, as well as the supporting processes and experience.

Program Management: Corbus has developed a core competency in program management. We maintain a staff of project managers with experience in many different functions, but excel in customer oriented business processes.  Many of our PMs are certified PMPs, and have access to leading PM tools and processes. Our experience in customer and consumer based processes has been developed working with leading consumer products brands.

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