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Strategic Sourcing Solutions

We endeavor to source the goods and services you require at the right price, quality, quantity, and time, in the right form, and from the best supplier. We enable all the levers for savings and decisions using fact-based analysis and market intelligence.


Our global strategic sourcing solutions provide a rigorous and collaborative approach for the best value composition of the product or service needed. We customize our sourcing solutions to fit your existing processes, organization, and technology infrastructure.


We focus on your company’s operations, industry, changes/challenges in the market, and overall global supplier network. Our sourcing solutions include supply chain diagnostics, procurement strategy, low-cost country sourcing, supplier capability assessments, supply risk management, price trends and forecasts, and project specific research.

Spend Analytics

Our best-in-class spend analytics team supports your entire analytics process by collecting, cleansing, collating, classifying, and enriching data to identify category specific opportunities. We identify, develop, and implement leading process improvements to reduce costs throughout your supply chain.

Spend Management

We help you identify unmanaged or wasteful spending while supporting your efforts of eliminating unnecessary costs.