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Business Intelligence and Data Governance

Customer data can give you an advantage over your competition. But how do you find the nuggets of knowledge buried in an avalanche of available information? We have the technology and know-how to identify and provide you with the most relevant information.


Your competition. Your customers. Your clients. No matter how well you know them, we can help you know them better. Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Governance inform your decisions and illuminate your business landscape. We’ve develop a robust, consistent, and data-based information framework that leads to better business strategies – and measureable results.

Analytics and Forecasting

Our analytics and forecasting solutions provide you with a logical view of information in the context of the work encountered on a daily basis. We reduce time to market, time spent on analyses, time taken for data reporting, and we increase your ability to conduct multichannel integration while producing innovative and adaptable process paths. Our solutions let you analyze past performance in order to gain deeper insights and develop strategies for continual improvement.

Platform Development

Corbus-designed dashboards help you check, validate, and compare data. Our dashboards are unique to your business and built to provide accurate and up-to-date information on business performance, customer preferences, industry trends, competitor analysis and any other required data points. We give you the information you need to optimize decision making.

Data Governance Solutions

Our Data Governance solutions ensure that your data is correct, available, usable and secure for your entire enterprise.