E-Commerce Technology Solutions

Agility, operational excellence, and an ever increasing need for security separate winners from losers in the digital space. What’s your e-commerce strategy?

E-commerce is capturing a bigger share of retail sales each year. The U.S. Commerce Department estimates that U.S. e-retailer sales has experienced double digit growth for each of the last 5 years. Retailers and other companies providing products and services to consumers or business customers need to adapt to the changing business environment. This means establishing an e-commerce strategy, developing and implementing e-commerce best practices and deploying e-commerce technology solutions. Agility, operational excellence, and an ever increasing need for security separate winners from losers in the digital space.

Corbus provides e-commerce strategy consulting, e-commerce process and governance solutions, and develops e-commerce websites using leading e-commerce platforms to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution. Our e-commerce strategizes and processes help identify and nurture customers and entice them to buy products or services online. A few of our areas of expertise include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Digital advertising
  • Campaign management
  • Social networking
  • Digital marketing automation
  • E-content management

Many companies exist solely as e-commerce enterprises. Other companies are moving rapidly into the e-commerce world. In either case Corbus can help improve e-commerce operations and grow your online revenue.

The Corbus Advantage

Corbus’ E-commerce Consulting Team can deliver significant benefits including:

  • Increased visibility of  e-commerce sites by as much as 40% through site SEO, campaign management, and social networking
  • Increased conversion rates by improving usability of the site and effective A/B testing
  • Increases in cross-selling transactions through bundling promotions and gift incentives
  • Multi-channel optimization
  • Improved customer insights

E-Commerce Process Services

The adage states “Build it and they will come,” but with approximately 110,000 e-commerce sites, customers may not find your site. If they find your site, can they easily navigate the site to find what they want to buy? Is the “right” inventory available for sales? Does your organization have a strategy for cross-selling product? Can you effectively manage ratings and reviews? How high are your conversion rates? What is your strategy for improving conversions?

We focus on creating robust solutions to these questions and delivering the answers you need to improve your business. Our E-commerce Services include strategic and tactical consulting, campaign management and analysis, general operational support, content management, reporting, and analytic services.  

E-commerce Strategy

For organizations new to e-commerce, we offer our e-commerce Strategy Workshop to “kick start” your e-commerce efforts. The outcome of this workshop provides a roadmap to building your online presence. For organizations already engaged in e-commerce, Corbus can conduct an E-commerce Capability Assessment comparing your current practices against your competitors and industry best practices.

E-commerce Operations

Corbus helps our clients with their e-commerce needs. As an outsourced solution or through supplying professional staff, Corbus is provides expertise in all aspects of e-commerce including:

Content Management

  • Ensuring content is accurate and available when needed

Demand Management

  • Supplying insights and recommendations related to consumer needs and demand planning
  • Forecasting demand and ensuring inventory levels are accurate to fulfill customer needs
  • Driving demand by managing search engine marketing efforts, email campaigns, and additional promotional activities.

Product/Service Management

  • Enhancing cross-selling opportunities and working closely with brands to develop promotions
  • Sharing expertise on product bundling and promotional incentives
  • Managing ratings, review apps, and the associated vendor relationships
  • Sharing insights and recommendations related to PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance

Web Analytics and Site Management

  • Collecting information on site analytics, conversion rates, and other measures
  • Providing a broad set of project management services including release management, incident management, incident reporting, root cause analysis, scheduling, and issues management
  • Conducting accessibility, privacy, and security testing

E-commerce Technology and Site Development

Corbus offers smart and effective e-commerce web design, plug-in & module development solutions for small and medium level enterprises. With a flexible B2B or B2C software platform, you can process online sales AND drive continued development of all consumer relationships.  Corbus e-commerce solutions provide the tools to increase revenue, expand consumer reach and buy-in, lower costs, and reduce your time to market.  The shortest distance is a straight line – get right to the source with Corbus e-commerce solutions.

Some areas where our expertise focus has benefitted our clients includes:

  • Solution Development and Support
  • Platform Migration
  • Design of e-commerce Solutions
  • Ability to integrate multiple channels in our solutions
  • Close integration between an e-commerce platform and essential business solutions

Corbus has experience in most of the preferred technologies. Our expertise includes:

  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • Demandware
  • Hybris
  • Media Beacon   

The Corbus Difference

  • Expertise: Our staff includes experienced coordinators that understand e-commerce processes and requirements
  • Customer Centric culture: We are agile to customer needs and ready to  invest in our client’s vision
  • ROI: We provide an effective solution that gives time back to sales, marketing, legal, and others while retaining high quality and reducing e-commerce touches
  • Simplicity: Our resources help reduce complexity by providing a single point of contact and accountability
  • Flexibility: We are flexible in meeting challenging timelines  while accomplishing a zero defect delivery
  • Collaboration: We employ a collaboration-based lifecycle model

Contact Corbus (corbusconnects@corbus.com or 888-608-9975) for a comprehensive solution for e-commerce.