Digital Sales and Marketing

Our digital marketing consulting team will implement best-in-class digital marketing strategies, technologies and process that will grow your customer base.

Over 80% of companies plan on increasing spend in digital marketing over the next year. The spending increase is requiring Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) prove that their digital marketing strategy is delivering a real Return on Investment (ROI). Marketing operations must implement a digital marketing governance that controls how their departments are using digital marketing services and technologies. Additionally, CMOs are challenged to attract and retain digital marketing resources. Employee turnover and escalating salaries are impacting their ability to achieve their marketing goals.

At Corbus, our clients trust us to be their digital marketing strategy experts. We provide strategic consulting, process design, operational assets, and digital marketing consultants with specializations in social media, behavioral advertising, e-commerce, digital marketing technology, and a broad range of digital marketing activities.

The Corbus Advantage

Corbus provides strategic consulting, process optimization and operational services to help customers in developing and implementing a comprehensive digital presence. Our services include:

  • Crafting digital strategy roadmaps
  • Implementing digital marketing best practices
  • Establishing standard governance processes
  • Identifying best-in-class digital marketing technologies and services

Corbus advantage includes industry experts in digital marketing that deliver digital projects on time and budget reducing digital marketing spend by as much as 25%.

Digital Sales and Marketing Services

Corbus’ Digital Sales and Marketing services help our clients optimize the marketing spend, not in the traditional sense of applying a marketing mix model, but in delivering optimization through strategy and efficiency at the marketing process level. Key offerings include:

  • Social Media Solutions
  • Digital Advertising Services
  • Relationship Marketing Services
  • E-commerce Solutions

Additionally, we have developed project management processes that incorporate an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service management approach to designing and delivering digital marketing services. This approach helps us quickly deliver and tailor solutions which are scalable across different regions, business segments, and functions.

The Corbus Difference

We engage a Marketing Process Optimization (MPO) framework which delivers value to our clients at the marketing process level through strategy execution and increased efficiency.

  • We help scale social media processes while reducing costs and risks
  • We help deliver targeted digital advertising that improves conversions and reduces cost
  • We create a holistic solution for developing a one-to-one relationship with customers or consumers.

Contact Corbus ( or 888-608-9975) for a comprehensive Digital Sales and Marketing Strategy that will improve the operations of your marketing team.