Digital Advertising

Our Digital Advertising team can create a multi-channel e-commerce strategy that will grow customers, improve loyalty, and increase your sales.

Digital advertising utilizes technology, streamlined processes, and techniques to increase the effectiveness of advertising. By using multiple targeting tactics, such as behavioral data, Corbus can create personalized marketing campaigns based on the individual’s online activities.

Digital advertising provides companies with an efficient and cost-effective method to build brand awareness, develop new leads and increase sales. In order to optimize a company’s digital media ROI, Corbus manages online digital advertising initiatives for display, video, and mobile devices ensuring that operations and technology are in place to meet each client’s needs.

The Corbus Advantage

At Corbus, our comprehensive understanding of marketing technology and business analytics has helped us uncover and control wasteful marketing spend for our clients. Our innovative project management philosophy and techniques have helped us to develop behavioral targeting processes and systems increasing the completion of projects and reducing redundancies. Some benefits our clients gain include:

  • Better ad targeting
  • Richer insights from advertising
  • Higher ROI in advertising
  • Savings of 30% to 40% from programmatic buying

Digital Advertising Services

We understand the intricacies and eco-system of digital and programmatic advertising. Leveraging our extensive marketing knowledge and project management experience, we base our engagement model on a standard business process improvement approach. This includes defining goals and objectives, analyzing the current business and technical landscape, developing and prioritizing improvement recommendations, planning and implementing new or improved processes, while controlling and continually optimizing digital advertising solutions. We specifically focus on:

  • Eliminating redundancy and waste in digital advertising
  • Streamlining digital advertising processes
  • Leveraging behavioral data to optimize campaign effectiveness
  • Establishing measurements and controls to maintain and optimize campaigns and meet the goals of the initiative

Our Digital Advertising Services include consulting and governance solutions and vetting and the implementation of digital advertising automation software. Specifically, Corbus provides:

Digital Advertising Consulting

  • To optimize digital campaign management operations through established and proven processes
  • Manage ad frequency across multiple channels, which increases effectiveness and efficiencies
  • Improve behavioral data acquisition used to reach target audiences
  • Collect and analyze data which provides detailed reporting, dashboards, and C-level reporting on ROI

Digital Advertising Governance

  • Providing project, vendor, and partner management services provided by seasoned professionals who understand all aspects of digital and programmatic advertising
  • Vetting and implementing enterprise digital advertising management software which is critical to maximizing performance of every advertising dollar

The Corbus Difference

  • Proven digital advertising techniques and processes utilized by the largest CPG companies
  • Strong ITIL marketing project management framework that enables clients to optimize media spend, allowing them to save marketing dollars or maximize reach with their marketing budget
  • Positive ROI on our services

Contact Corbus ( or 888-608-9975) for assistance with behavioral advertising and campaign success.