Case Studies

Professional Services For Consumer Packaged Goods Corporation

With a rapidly changing landscape, the ability to scale-up and scale-down resources is essential. Learn how Corbus helped one company reduce long-term and short-term gaps in the workforce.

Saving Time and Money with Social Development Governance

Corbus helps correct a CPG’s social media platforms experiencing low levels of engagement and a poor user experience due to lack of tracking outages and issues.

Global E-Commerce Reporting

Without a process, consolidating global e-commerce data takes up unnecessary time and can be inaccurate. Read how Corbus’ e-commerce reporting solutions helped this CPG business.

Reduction of Packaging Design Delivery Costs

Learn how Corbus helped this CPG company to improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase time-to-market for implementing packaging and label designs.

Delivering Business Value Through Program Assurance

Program assurance reduces the risk of project failure. See how the Corbus team helped a Fortune 50 food and beverage corporation to implement a two phase process in this program assurance case study.