Case Studies

Transactional Procurement

Find out how Corbus helped this pharmaceutical company with transactional processing inconsistencies.

Organizing Travel Spend Management

Learn how Corbus’ global level sourcing program centralized the management of third party suppliers for this chemical manufacture. 

Value Engineering Project: One-Time Glove to Reusable Gloves

One company embarks on a major change for One-Time use Gloves. Learn how Corbus undertook this value engineering project.

Legacy Application Overhaul: Increasing Intuitiveness, Scalability, Performance

Continually updating technology is key in today’s ever-changing tech savvy world. Find out how Corbus uses advanced technology to update an existing legacy system.

Global E-Commerce Reporting

Without a process, consolidating global e-commerce data takes up unnecessary time and can be inaccurate. Read how Corbus’ e-commerce reporting solutions helped this CPG business.

Supply Chain Management Support

Corbus’ procurement expertise helps a Fortune 300 telecommunications client with extended sourcing.

Sourcing of IT Services

Discover how Corbus helped a Fortune 50 CPG Company gain visibility and control over its IT Services.

Reaching and Engaging Teens Using Facebook

Social media has built a bridge to access target markets that were once hard to reach. Find out how Corbus helped this CPG Corporation reach its target on Facebook.

Cost Effective Purchase Of Jet Engine Parts

The market for jet engines is growing, and so is the need for qualified global service providers. Read how Corbus is helping a multinational conglomerate corporation find qualified suppliers.

Reduction of Packaging Design Delivery Costs

Learn how Corbus helped this CPG company to improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase time-to-market for implementing packaging and label designs.

The Marketing Campaign Heard `Round The World

The Olympic Games can bring tremendous opportunity for marketing. In this case study, Corbus partnered with a Fortune 50 CPG company to increase brand awareness.

Streamlining the Procure to Pay Process

A great looking application needs a great working interface. Find out how a Fortune 50 CPG corporation partnered with Corbus and decreased social media costs.

Strategic Sourcing of Office Supply Products

Focusing on non-core, centralized, indirect procurement services enabled this chemical manufacturer to reduce its number of suppliers and overhead costs.

MRO Machine Cutting Consumables

Learn how Corbus helped reduce OEM for beauty care products in this success story.

Decreasing Cost Pressure Within Procurement

Find out how this leading oil and gas equipment manufacture utilized Corbus’ centralized best practices to reduce operational costs.

Delivering Business Value Through Program Assurance

Program assurance reduces the risk of project failure. See how the Corbus team helped a Fortune 50 food and beverage corporation to implement a two phase process in this program assurance case study.

Enhancing Strategic Sourcing Visibility

In this case study, Corbus partners with an oil and gas corporation to maximize their spend management. We utilized strategic tactics to increase company visibility and refocus resources.

MRO Ronchi Machine Localization

Corbus helps a Fortune 50 FMCG company achieve 60% in cost savings through localization of imported parts.

Optimizing Short Term Car Rental Sourcing

Costs will rise when your noncore indirect spend is overlooked. Find out how Corbus helped this chemical manufacturer consolidate regional and localized spend.

Saving Time and Money with Social Development Governance

Corbus helps correct a CPG’s social media platforms experiencing low levels of engagement and a poor user experience due to lack of tracking outages and issues.

Secondary Packaging - DFC Corrugated Rolls

Learn how Corbus helped one company find an alternative supplier for DFC corrugated rolls.

Sourcing of Engineering Services

Corbus reviews a Fortune 50 Consumer Packaged Goods Company sourcing plan to improve the required time for developing and requesting a quote.

Standardizing Global Procurement Operations

A major pharmaceutical company utilizes Corbus’ expertise in developing a centralized transactional procurement process across different regions.

Inventory Analysis

A leading oil and gas supplier ends up with millions in warehouse inventory costs. Learn how Corbus helps reduce those costs.