Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Governance

Instead of making decisions by "guesswork," Business Intelligence solutions help you develop a more consistent, data-based decision framework which produces better results.

Companies need to have accurate, up-to-date information on customer preferences, so they can quickly adapt to their changing demands.  Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics and Data Governance are key components of developing and maintaining a successful business plan. 

BI can help managers to be better informed about actions that a company’s competitors are taking and help analysts and managers to determine which adjustments are mostly likely to respond to changing trends. Finally, BI solutions can help develop a more consistent, data-based decision framework, which can produce better results than making business decisions by “guesswork.”

Analytics allows managers to analyze past performance to gain deeper insights and develop strategies for improving processes and knowledge for business planning. Data Governance ensures the data is correct, available, usable and secure for the enterprise.

The Corbus Advantage

Corbus delivers a solution that

  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Improves customer service
  • Provides a single view of customer, product or financial data
  • Improves employee access to information and speed up decision making

Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Governance Services

Using BI, Analytics and Data Governance, Corbus provides our clients’ management and executive teams with strategic, tactical and operational data insights. We add value to our clients by providing best in class business analytics, forecasting/governance solutions, and key business metrics. This service strives to provide organizations with accurate actionable data which drives improved business performance, operational controls and process/data governance.

Key Offerings:

  • Customized Executive Reporting Solutions
  • Analytics and Key Performance Metrics which Drive Strategic, Tactical and Operational Insights
  • Business Analytics Reporting and Visualization Processes to Self-Serve Solutions and/or Reduce Cycle Times
  • Organizational Report Outsourcing to Deliver Cost Reductions at the same or better Quality to Our Customers
  • Organizational Forecasting and Data Governance
  • Best in Class Data Management Methodologies and Quality Control

The Corbus Difference

Corbus has broad experience in assimilating customized data sets from both systemic corporate data sources and non-systemic external data sources. Our skills and knowledge include working with global organizations that includes:

  • Experience managing data in multiple currencies
  • Establishing best practices and methods for working with Restricted/Highly Restricted/Confidential data and including POI data.
  • Specialized knowledge of Global Financial Systems and Reporting
  • Specialized knowledge of Global Product Hierarchies within Legacy Systems
  • Specialized knowledge of complex Exchange Rate Reporting and Organic Growth Calculations/Methods
  • Extensive Experience in Automation Methods and Integrating Data Sources
  • Specialized Knowledge of SharePoint System Development and Reporting Solutions
  • Extensive Experience in Microsoft Office Solutions as well as leading BI reporting tools including Tableau, Spotfire and SAS.

Contact Corbus ( or 888-608-9975) to develop a more consistent, data-based decision framework.