Tips for Brands this Election Season

It seems like things get ugly fairly quickly on social media whenever politics is brought up. Add your brand into the mix and you could find yourself facing backlash, or even worse, a full-on crisis.

That’s why brands need to be extra careful during election season. Here are five tips to ensure you’re capitalizing on the hype while avoiding controversy.

  1. Avoid taking sides.  With some exceptions, most companies cater to an audience of widely varied political perspectives. In general, it’s a good idea to avoid polarizing statements and inferred preferences.

  2. Separate accounts and double check. It’s unrealistic to think your social media team is politically neutral on their personal social media accounts. Develop and enforce a policy that requires complete separation of accounts. For instance, social media apps such as Instagram allow users to easily switch between accounts. That’s great for personal use, but can spell disaster if an employee posts something to your brand’s account that was meant for their personal connections.

  3. Be positive. Consumers hear enough negativity between the TV spots and their social media feeds. If you must make an election-related post, make it uplifting. From voter registration to “vote for your favorite product” content, if you’re careful and clever, you can appeal to the masses.

  4. Be prepared for anything to be turned into something it wasn’t meant to be. There are social media users who spend a lot of time making any and every brand post about something totally unrelated. There are also people who will turn a lighthearted post into a dreaded back-and-forth argument with other followers. If you’re going to post anything remotely related to the election, you must have a game plan for this.

  5. Remember your purpose and strategy. It’s tempting to jump on a bandwagon when something is trending on social. However, you can’t force it. If the election can’t easily and effectively be tied into your overall purpose and marketing strategy, there’s not a thing wrong with simply passing it by.

This election season, make sure your brand is prepared to capitalize on the action without jeopardizing your reputation. These tips will help you with that goal.


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