Five tips for Streamlining Social Media Vendor Governance

Governing vendors can be tricky from a relationship, time, and cost management perspective. An experienced third party (like Corbus) can help you determine relevant pain points and make suggestions for improvement. Here are five tips to help you streamline your social media vendor services:

  1. Make a complete list of vendors. Over the years, you will accumulate vendors who occasionally work for the business, and others who are your “go to” choices. By listing any and every social media vendor--from the creative agency to any tools you use--we can help you determine where potential crossover occurs and assist you in weeding out vendors who may not be the best choice for your business.
  2. Look to your budget. Start with a desired budget number in mind. Afterwards, we can examine your budget and help you trim services where needed. We’ve often discovered that our clients are paying twice for the same app functionality, or are not fully utilizing a platform.
  3. Let us be the “bad guy.”  Verbalizing or recognizing what is best for your business might be difficult to accomplish on your own because you’ve developed relationships with your roster of vendors. As a neutral third party, we can provide recommendations uncolored by personal feelings providing you with guidance based solely on your business needs.
  4. Create an internal certification program. Once you’ve trimmed down your vendor roster, it is beneficial to create an internal certification program. Formalize your legal, ethical, IT, and other standards, and include measurements to ensure that your vendors adhere to the expected/desired level of service.
  5. Enforce, enforce, enforce. After you have established a certification program, it is important to maintain and enforce those standards and measures on a continual basis. A certification program also provides you with specific reasons to fire an underperforming vendor. Yearly audits, regular meetings, and other controls help to maintain service levels and positive relationships with your vendors.

These five tips are a small part of Corbus’ comprehensive vendor governance program. Contact us to learn how we can help you and your business achieve more efficient, cost-effective, and positive vendor interactions.

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