Event Tie-Ins: Eclipse Edition

Event tie-ins happen when a brand associates a product with an event. When appropriate, event tie-ins can be a great (and inexpensive) way to boost consumer awareness of your product. During the recent solar eclipse, many brands effectively tied-in their products with clever social media posts. Here are five examples of shared images, and why they worked:


Ale-8-One, more popularly known as Ale8, is a soft drink staple in Kentucky. And since the Commonwealth was front-and-center for totality, it was only nature that this beloved brand made a reference. Its simplicity and casual feel made this image the perfect celebration:


This American staple used a very simple image to celebrate the day: a white coffee cup filled with black coffee to allude to the eclipse. It was fuss-free and fun:

Pizza Hut

Like Starbucks, Pizza Hut® played on the shape of their product to make a connection. In their case, they made a short, animated video clip that was fun and simple:

Mox Shoes

This brand often shares images of their shoes in a variety of settings to show versatility. So it was only natural to continue the theme by showing a pair of eclipse viewing glasses over a pair of their shoes.


MoonPie®, which originates in another totality state, Tennessee, make a good-humored jab at another brand attempting to take the “official snack cake” spot despite this product’s more natural tie-in.

What other brands got it right for the eclipse? Tell us in the comments.

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