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Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Fail Using Social Media

Is your company successfully utilizing social media? Take a moment and think about it.

Here are our top 10 reasons why businesses fail when it comes using social media.

1. Not Interacting with a User’s Comments

Part of using social media is being ‘social’ with one another. Businesses that don’t interact with their viewers are missing out on building a real connection with them.

Four Reasons Pokémon Go is Everywhere

A few years ago, I visited Antietam Battlefield. I downloaded a mobile app while at the Visitor’s Center and when I stood by certain monuments throughout the park, historical figures would appear on my screen to tell me more about the battle. I remember thinking it was pretty cool at the time as it was the first mainstream augmented reality experience I had come across.


What You Shouldn’t be Doing on Facebook

Your brand may have an excellent grip on social media, whether it’s through an in-house team or an outsourced program. It’s probable that you have the basics down—general best practices, a great profile picture and cover photo, and even scheduled posts so you don’t miss a beat. But how savvy are you when it comes to common Facebook scams? These may be shared by employees with public profiles, potentially damaging your brand’s social media reputation with a simple search.

Why Would a Company Create a “Dummy” Personal Account to Respond to their Facebook Business Page?

We have all seen them – you read the comments from a Facebook Business Page and suddenly you see a response from an account named Jen from ‘Business Name’ Why would a business decide to do this?

Well, there are several reasons but the main reason tends to be this is a way for the business to ensure that the employee doesn’t have the brand page connected to their personal Facebook account. This can lead to the possibility of the employee mistakenly posting about the party they went to last night on the Brand page.

How Secure is your Social Media Practice?

Be honest! Have you or any member of your social media team done any of the following:

A Social Media Puzzle

This is a good time for everyone to pause for a moment, take a deep breath……and accept that social media (like it or not) is now the primary channel to reach customers. We can argue until blue in the face about the virtues of this platform but the reality is that the world has shifted, and dollars have to be generated and customer relationships built.