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Live-Tweeting Best Practices

Twitter, like all social media platforms, is driven by the desire for high engagement rates. The more likes, comments, retweets, pins, and shares you receive, the more exposure your brand or company is able to generate.

Responding to Negative Social Media Feedback

Not all feedback on your social media platforms will be engaging or positive. In some instances, the community management team will be required to handle negative posts, unreasonable comments, and/or complaints from followers or users. The progressive six steps below outline recommended best practices for addressing and handling negative feedback and users.

Hashtag Best Practices

The ultimate goal for most companies participating on social media platforms is to convert an audience member into a consumer. One of the best ways to accomplish that task is by providing your audience with a simple, fun, and effective way of interacting with your brand. Enter hashtags.

Hashtags originated as an organizational tool on Twitter, but have exploded into a social media pillar. Hashtags create unique value because of their ability to increase reach, engagement, and interactions within a social community that is not limited to a brand fan following.