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Event Tie-Ins: Eclipse Edition

Event tie-ins happen when a brand associates a product with an event. When appropriate, event tie-ins can be a great (and inexpensive) way to boost consumer awareness of your product. During the recent solar eclipse, many brands effectively tied-in their products with clever social media posts. Here are five examples of shared images, and why they worked:

Relating Your Brand to a Trending Topic--3 Tips

We’ve all seen it—those brand posts that attempt to capitalize on a current news event, celebrity controversy or other pop culture phenomenon and just fall flat. However, when brands do it well, followers love it. It can be worth a shot to hop on a bandwagon if you follow these tips:

Artificial Intelligence and Community Managers

A term that is on the mind of every social media expert is artificial intelligence. Where the focus was once on content and personal touch from community managers, those in the field are now looking at cutting-edge technologies to drive efficiency and to deliver quality service to their customers. In this post, we explore how this technology can help community managers.