3 Tips and 7 Sites for Low-Cost Creative Content

For many brands, photo shoots happen only once or twice per year. Because social media posting occurs daily, community managers can use up those images very quickly! Since photo posts are among the most engaging, you certainly don’t want your reserves to run dry.

Enter stock photos. When chosen carefully from reputable sites, they can help solve the problem of creating fresh content on a small budget. Pair them with some low-cost photo editing sites and you can easily fill in your marketing calendar or adapt to current events and pop culture trends without missing a beat.

Free or Low-Cost Stock Photo Sites

Free or Low-Cost Photo Editing Sites

3 Tips for Using Stock Photos

  1. Read the legal section on each site you use. It will tell you how you’re allowed to use the photos, as well as any restrictions.
  2. When you search for an image, try not to use something on the first page of results, as these will be the images used most often.
  3. If the images’ license allows for modification, alter them in some way by using a filter, an overlay, some text, or a collage. This will ensure your image looks different, even if someone else uses the same stock photo.

So the next time you find yourself in need of an image, consider these resources. You might find yourself turning to them often!

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