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Our innovative and customer-driven solutions and best practices drive revenue growth, improve margins and maximize asset efficiency for organizations requiring leading-edge technology solutions.

Our Services

As a leader in the professional services industry, Corbus continually optimizes our internal and client-based operations by leveraging innovative processes and technology, as well as implementing strict Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) augmented with quality controls and exceptional project management. We understand that the unique needs of each customer will require business solutions that are flexible, adaptable and agile. At Corbus, we strive to be recognized as the best services provider by our clients, industry analysts and our competition.

Supply Chain Management

Learn how our Supply Chain Management Team helps our clients optimize their supply chain and realize up to a 62% decrease in the supplier base while achieving a 3%-4% annual cost reduction.

Strategic Sourcing

Learn how our Strategic Sourcing Team helps our clients optimize their supply chain, generating 15% productivity gains and a 6% to 8% cost savings.

Business Process Management

Learn how our Business Process Management Team helps our clients streamline business processes, identify innovative solutions, and deliver even the most difficult and complex projects.

Digital Marketing

Learn how our Digital Marketing Team helps our clients deliver optimization through strategy and efficiency at the marketing process level while reducing Digital Marketing spend by up to 25%.

Application Development

Learn how our Application Development Team designs and develops innovative solutions that improve internal business operations while supporting revenue growth.


October 26, 2015

Corbus, LLC, a global solutions provider founded in 1994, is a leading provider of business process and supply chain management services, applying innovative solutions and best practices to help clients streamline operations, reduce costs, and achieve a productivity edge resulting in higher Total Shareholder Return (TSR).

Case Studies

Supply Chain Management Support
November 09, 2015

Learn how Corbus implemented a standardized and centralized procurement process leveraging Corbus' SCM expertise, while delivering a 60% reduction in turnaround time for processing Purchase Requisitions and a 60% reduction in vendor information dependency related delay in PO issuance.

Blog Posts

A Social Media Puzzle
December 04, 2015

Social media is a tool, and outsourcing social media is only part of a greater strategy – even if it is currently the primary channel to reach consumers. Outsourcing your social media efforts is an opportunity to put the right experts and right tools together for the job.